Program Overview

Through our program we seek to train scientist-practitioners with strong skills in the competencies of health service psychology. Our students can also tailor their training through clinical practica to become practitioners prepared for work in various settings, or through teaching and research efforts to work in college and university settings or industry. Through coursework, practica, and other hands-on experiences and learning, our students are prepared to be counseling psychology professionals of the highest caliber.

For more information on the Ph.D. program requirements see the Counseling Psychology Handbook. Students entering with previous graduate level class work may be able to waive non-practicum courses if similar courses at another university are approved by faculty. Policies for waiving class requirements in the department, as well as more information on department requirements, administrative policies, and procedures are documented in the Graduate Education in Psychology Handbook, which can be found on the Department of Psychology website under the “Home” link at the top.