Located in a research-focused psychology department, the Counseling Psychology specialization emphasizes continuous involvement in research and encourages collaborative research endeavors with faculty and students. The program has excellent resources available for graduate students that support and foster students’ research endeavors.

Education and training in research is sequential, multidimensional, and integrated throughout the curriculum. Further, training in research is based on an interactive faculty-student mentoring model and all faculty members provide active research and professional mentoring. The careful mentoring of students is a high priority for all faculty members and faculty generally only have two to five graduate advisees at any one time, so they can carefully work with each advisee. In the last ten years, graduate students in the program have authored or co-authored well over 100 publications.

Research Centers and Labs

Identity Development Laboratory
The Identity Development Lab investigates the effects of attitudes and educational experiences on the identity development process, including interests, values, personality, and future career aspirations. Main faculty advisor: Patrick Armstrong

Lab for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology
The Laboratory for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology (SoTLP) investigates aspects of psychology pedagogy (broadly defined), with an emphasis on understanding and improving the ability of psychology students to learn and acquire strong research and statistical skills. Main faculty advisor: Loreto Prieto

Marsee Aggression and Delinquency Lab (MADLab)

The MADLab focuses on research with children and adolescents spanning three main areas: bullying and aggression, callous-unemotional traits, and gender differences. Investigations are grounded in a developmental psychopathology perspective, which allows for the study the development of behavioral problems within the context of what is known about normal development. Main faculty advisor: Monica Marsee

Network Community Counseling Services
The clinic offers group and individual counseling as well as training/supervision and research opportunities related to group interventions. This is “where science and practice meet.” Main faculty advisor: Nathaniel Wade

Stigma Research Lab
The Stigma Research Lab investigates how external and internalized stigma effects individuals’ psychological well-being and willingness to seek mental health services. Main faculty advisor: David Vogel