Incoming counseling psychology graduate students are offered a graduate assistantship, which is usually a teaching or research assistantship within the Department of Psychology. Advanced students also have the opportunity for counseling assistantships at the Student Counseling Service, Student Mental Health Service, Academic Success Center, and Student Disability Resources. The basic stipend for half-time (20 hours/week nine-month) nine-month graduate assistantships is $18,000 (starting in 2017-2018). The half-time graduate assistantship also covers the students’ full tuition and provides health and dental insurance. Opportunities are also available for students to earn additional assistantships and teaching opportunities in the summer months on a competitive basis. The Department also offers, on a competitive basis, the Miller Fellowship, the Gaskill Fellowship, and the Bath Fellowship, which provide additional summer support for 1-4 years. For more information on funding see Program Costs and Assistantship or Fellowship Support under Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data.

Minority Fellowships

The Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) fellowship, and the George Washington Carver (GWC) doctoral fellowship program are among the university’s most prestigious fellowships offered to graduate students. The GWC program is specifically named to honor George Washington Carver, Iowa State’s first minority student and faculty member. To be eligible one must be from an underrepresented minority group (African American, American Indian, or Latino/a), a U.S. citizen, and nominated by that program of study. The length of the fellowships are for 3-4 years. The annual stipend for the AGEP and GWC fellowships are $25,000 per year (half-time 20-hr week 12-month appointment). For more information about the fellowship programs feel free to contact the Minority Fellowships Program Coordinator: Thelma L. Harding at

Graduate Student Grants and Awards

The Department and Graduate College also administers several Professional Advancement Grants, which provide funds of up to $400 for graduate students to conduct research and travel to local or national conferences to present their research. The department also offers the Borgen/Campbell Award, which provides up to $2,500 for a student to travel overseas to present at an International conference. The Department of Psychology also offers several Research Enhancement Awards. The purpose of these awards is to support highly creative and important research projects by graduate students. The total number of awards given will vary from year to year though generally 1-2 $500 awards should be available each year. The Department and the University also award, on a competitive basis, several Graduate Student Excellence Awards to recognize graduate student excellence in the areas of research, teaching and service. The awards include an honorarium in the amount of $100.