Career Outcomes

The Counseling Psychology program provides various possible career outcomes for its graduates. These include academic, clinical, and hybrid or other applied positions. For academic positions, graduates are prepared to teach and conduct research at various educational levels from community colleges to research-intensive universities. For clinical positions, graduates are prepared to conduct psychotherapy in college counseling centers, community mental health clinics, and private practices. Hybrid careers would include positions that allow graduates to do academic work (e.g., teach or conduct research) while also holding substantial clinical duties. Other applied careers include activities that make use of clinically-oriented skills but do not involved psychotherapy, such as working for organizational development consulting firms or promoting life management skills. Some of these positions are permanent, full-time staff positions while others are post-doctoral positions that lead to more permanent positions at the same or other locations.

In the past ten years, 100% of our graduates have received employment following graduation. These have been in the various career tracks described above. Below is a breakdown of the numbers of graduates in the last ten years whose first position was in each area. Example positions are provided with each category.