Application Process

Applications for admission into the counseling psychology program need to follow the departments’ admissions procedures. Shortly after the December deadline for admission a committee of at least three members of the counseling program review candidates. Review of candidates will usually be completed by the end of December or early January, and a group of applicants are chosen to receive telephone interviews. Following the telephone interviews, the most promising candidates (usually 8-12 individuals) will be offered on-campus interviews. Interviews generally occur in January or early February. In-person interviews occur on two separate days (usually Fridays) in groups of 4-6 individuals per day. During the daylong interviews candidates will be able to meet individually with most of the faculty and current students. Our first round of offers are usually made in February or early March. Applicants then have until April 15th to make a decision to accept an offer or not. Depending upon funding availability, 4-6 students are usually offered admission. Because we may not have final decisions until mid-April, we often will not send out written notification to all applicants of the review committee’s decision until early May.

Application Timeline

December 1:                                                        Applications for Counseling Program due

Early to mid Dec:                                                 Faculty members review applications

Mid Dec to Early Jan:                                          Phone interviews are scheduled and conducted

Last Fri in January and first Friday in Feb:          On-campus interviews (invited applicants only need to attend one date) 

Mid February:                                                      First round of offers of admission are given

April 15:                                                               Deadline for decisions on admissions offers

Early May:                                                           Final written notification to all applicants of admission decisions

Applicant Selection

Successful applicants in counseling psychology are intellectually and academically talented. Over the past six years, students admitted to the program have yielded the following averages: undergraduate GPA = 3.70, GRE-Verbal = 81%, GRE-Quantitative = 72%, and GRE-Writing 74%.

Students admitted to this program are highly motivated and committed to a career in counseling psychology as evidenced by participation in undergraduate independent studies of research and in volunteer social services endeavors. They are mature, interpersonally skilled, and have interests and career goals that are congruent with the focus of the program and the interests of faculty. In addition, successful applicants typically have a strong background in psychology, research methods, and statistics. They express interest and commitment to research activities, in addition to enthusiasm for counseling practice and an openness to participate in graduate education that fosters awareness and sensitivity to diversity and multicultural perspectives.

The program is selective and committed to an intensive training model with a low student-faculty ratio; thus, admissions in counseling psychology are restricted to 4 to 6 new students each year. Most students enter the program after completion of a bachelor’s degree and some have acquired full-time professional or corporate work experience prior to applying for graduate study. Students with prior master’s degrees in psychology or close related areas will also be considered for admission and in recent years about one quarter of the entering students have a prior graduate degree. Minority students are especially encouraged to apply for graduate study in counseling psychology.